In-House Home Loan – The ad is an in-house credit offer from the developer. The matter of the home purchase agreement only involves two parties, namely the buyer and the developer. That is, banks are not involved at all here. Buyers only deal with developers. In general, the notion of buying in-house credit is a scheme of home payment mechanisms to developers by way of installments. Can also be called in-house credit is a purchase of a house with cash / cash method directly in installments to the developer. Mostly, this method is of interest to the middle and upper classes. Yes it is clear, the installments are quite high because it is calculated from the price of the house divided by the length of the installment period.

Advance no obligation here. But developers usually ask for booking fees to be paid as a sign so buyers seriously bring the unit offered. In-house loans are not bank products, which means there is no interest here. Unlike home mortgages where banks collect interest from disbursed loans. After all, developers who are not banks are prohibited from collecting interest.

Home Loan

In-house loans only involve buyers and developers. That is, the procedure that must be passed is more concise. Unlike the bank, the procedure is quite long and takes time. No need to spend a lot of money. Compare if you take care of the mortgage at the bank certainly subject to provision fees, survey fees, appraisal fees, and so forth. Some developer sites like also offer home loans to members for funds to play gambling. It is different from the credit in-house which does not cost anything at all.

Although the developer has called the installment period 50 times, but it is not a fixed price. Buyers can still ‘shake up’ the repayment period can be even longer. But this certainly demands the buyer’s shrewdness in negotiating. The in-house credit scheme is as if we are contracting homes to developers in a short time. Once the installment period is complete, the house immediately becomes the property right and the certificate is immediately submitted by the developer.