There are several tricks you can practice to be able to buy a house on credit without a down payment. Actively Looking for Developers who are Fast Promos. The first trick is to find developers who provide installment promos without DP or down payment for the purchase of their home units. Generally the developers who provide this promo have residential units not yet built. The disadvantage of this is that you have to be really patient waiting for the length of occupancy to be completed. But if you are not in a hurry, then there is nothing wrong with also repaying the occupancy while it is finished. Apart from being much cheaper, count on you investing in this situation.

Price competition, the thing that can make developers delete these advances is the level of intense competition. But to get this situation you have to look for it in a big city or suburb. In this area, this price war often happens to attract consumers to be interested in the housing offered by the developer. Because of this price competition, developers usually free up advances or give discounts. Well, we must be smart to see the developer profile itself.

Using a notary, finally, the trick to getting a home mortgage without a down payment is to use a notary public. The way you don’t buy through a developer and you also have to really be able to convince the seller of the house if you are serious about paying for the house in a short period of time. To be even more convincing, you can also make a home installment agreement without a down payment in front of the notary. In the agreement, just say that as long as you are still in installments and have not paid off, the certificate is still on behalf of the seller and kept by the notary.