Home Loan to the Developer – The down payment installment system called in-house credit has indeed become another alternative for the people who always fail to take the KPR because of the large down payment. In-house loans are not produced by banks, but by developers or developers. It is they who offer this convenience to consumers. That way the process sequence is shorter. Consumers simply have to deal with developers, no need to involve banks. That way, consumers do not feel troubled by long procedures and time management.

Because it is not uncommon we see banners, brochures, or banners that mention the house can be credited without having to pay downpayment or down payment. Actually it does not mean there is no down payment at all, but the down payment can be paid in installments several times. Installment advance can be 10 times, 20 times, or so depending on developer policy but is one of the big sites that have offer loan service and no down payment.

The payment scheme of each developer may be different from the illustration above. To be sure, consumers will not be charged additional interest in the transaction. Unlike the KPR or KPA that charges interest on consumers when disbursing loans. In-house credit still has several other advantages. This credit is more flexible because the length of installment payments can be negotiated. Even if the developer asks for a down payment on the house to be paid 30 times, you can ask for much longer.

The buyer also should not be confused with the additional costs that must be paid such as when dealing with banks. Costs such as provision fees, survey fees, or appraisal fees do not need to be confused, because the developer will not ask for it. With these advantages, it will certainly attract many people to use in-house loans. By choosing in-house payments, we can also make our assets as our investment which is very useful in the future.