In addition to the light advances of using bank installment program, some developers also offer cheap housing prices in a number of locations. Houses that located a little bit far from the downtown can be an option for cheap residence. Some banks also offer installments to buy a house so you can use this kind of products from the best banks to suit your needs. If you want to make installments with a small salary, you need to follow specific strategies to be able to fulfill credit payments. We will provide important steps that you must do before buying a house. First choose a trusted bank. If you choose an installment product, don’t choose a bank just because of the small payment interest without seeing the bank’s credibility. If you want all the credit processes to be guaranteed, you should choose a trusted bank whose installment products are quite popular in the community.

Second, determine installment payments every month. This is related to your ability to pay installments every month. For example, you have to pay up to Rp2 million in installments even though your salary is only Rp2.5 million. Things like this that you should avoid, because it’s better do a rough calculation of the needs per month that are adjusted to your salary first. Don’t be like a ‘the peg bigger rather than the pole’. Third, duy a house that fits your needs Before buying a house, you should know the price and type of the house before purchasing it. That is because you are required to buy a house according to your needs and abilities. Just like in number 6, don’t be like a ‘the peg bigger rather than the pole’.

Forth, immediately pay off administration fees. Do not postpone repayment of the installment administration fees that are submitted for a long time. Because, the faster the administrative costs are paid, then your installment rate is also getting lighter. Well, if you are able to fulfill the above strategy, then you are ready financially and mentally to start applying for installments. Find trusted installment products from the best banks through information that you can get everywhere.