Check out the tips for securing a house credit without using bank installment program. You must communicate all types of agreements between you and the developer, especially regarding the clarity of the handover of the house. If necessary, state the points in the Sale and Purchase Agreement (PJB) approved by the notary. The initial stage starts with giving a booking fee as a sign that the administrative requirement is completed. But sometimes the developer requires a down payment whose amount that can be negotiated.

After all requirements from the are fulfilled, then do the Pre-sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) which is approved by the notary. Its contents regulate about: In house installments, the amount of down payment or DP (if any), the amount of the house installments paid in stages according to the agreement, and the time of the handover process of the house and sanctions and penalties if each party defaults from the agreement.

When payment to the developer has been agreed and you have already completed it, then the PPJB can be raised to the level of a Buying and Selling Deed (AJB). This is the point when payment of home installments directly to the developer has been declared paid off. When repaying the last installment or payment, you as the buyer and the developer both come to the notary to handle the AJB. AJB is the legal proof and basis for the transfer of land and building rights from the developer to the buyer. Use a notary service to ratify AJB. Unfortunately, the scheme of a bankless house loan or direct mortgage payments to this developer is indeed rare. So the offer is limited in certain time and amount. For example, when the year-end promo or Chinese New Year, or only applies to 10 of the 100 units available.